This robustly constructed unit makes for a very cost effective and powerful labour saver. It connects to any conventional tractor via standard 3
point linkage arms and is powered via the tractors remote hydraulic couplings. It has a very powerful 22 tone splitting force capable of splitting
most Australian hard woods. We have fed it some "nasty knotted logs" and it hasn't failed to perform. I am sure however someone out there
could find something it can't split, but there is always one in every crowd!

Why not a self powered unit ?
Who wants to spend hours mucking around with a stationary engine when there is wood to be cut?
You can certainly pay us to look after it for you! Or better buy a splitter that is powered by your tractor.

The main reasons we stock this splitter is low cost verses high slitting force, with a simple and reliable design. Over the years we have found that
an extra engine to look after is more of a inconvenience then need be, they often wont start easily because they have sat around for months
and have stale fuel or no fuel and wasp nests in all the wrong places. Plus you only have to make sure your tractor has fuel and is running well.
Most of the time when people use a log splitter they have the their tractor on site. Tractor engine/hydraulic combinations are generally far more
powerful then the average stationary engine and pump combo. Finally we specialise in tractors so it stands to reason we offer a tractor mounted
version only.
will find new and
used Tractors, front
end loaders with or
with out 4 in 1
buckets, quick fit
and other brands ,
new and used
slashers in 3 ft 4 ft
and 5 ft  optional 4
blade models, rotary
hoes , log splitters,
ploughs, post hole
diggers or post hole
augers (as some
people prefer to call
them) with 9" or 12"
Augers. All of these
implements are
made to fit on to a
standard 3 point
linkage.  We carry a
large range of spare
parts for all kinds of
tractors and
implements. We
have a our fully
equipped mobile
service unit ready to
come to your place
to repair or service
your machine.
Please feel free to
call or email us for
more info!
*Shipping to TNT or Startrack depots, in major centres only. Please email us for an invoice including a revised shipping rate.. Shipping within Australia only, no overseas shipping available for this item. * Warranty terms and
conditions will be supplied on application, but essentially do not cover damage, abuse or normal wear and tear, only factory parts and workmanship. The warranty is strictly a Return To Base warranty and does not cover  
transport or any other related expenses.
Can be used in the vertical or horizontal position by removing one
pin and lifting the tractors 3 point linkage.
Comes with 12 months conditional warranty* Plus everything you need to get started, it will be packed in a steel crate and will
require some assembly.  For the low price of $1690 inc gst

Shipping* available to most parts of Australia via TNT or Startrack. Some shipping examples NSW North coast $240 inc gst . Central Victoria $260
inc gst. Sydney $195 Please contact us with your details for an accurate quote.
WARNING - Don't be conned by some sellers claiming their splitters are
capable of ridiculous splitting forces!
It all boils down the diameter of the ram verses a safe hydraulic operating
pressure ours produce this kind of splitting force based on the average
operating pressures of most agricultural tractors.
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