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In 1948  Ferruccio Lamborghini started building tractors and ultimately became world famous outside of Italy with his sports cars.
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To understand the essential nature of a Lamborghini tractor we must first discuss the multifaceted personality of Ferruccio Lamborghini, born in
1916, astrological sign... Taurus (the bull). We are in the Emilian lowlands, a fertile and silent flood plain where the arable land is sectioned by
seemlingly endless perfectly straight ribbons of lonely highways that seem to have been speficially created to allow the world's most powerful and
attractive sports cars to flaunt their prowess.The passionate relationship with the internal combustion engine that is a tradition of this part of Italy is
without parallel anywhere else in the world, as is the authentic and heartfelt passion of Emilian people for all the beautiful things of life. It was back
in 1948 in the central square of Pieve di Centro that the young Ferruccio unveiled the world's first Lamborghini tractor, literally built by his hown
hands from salvaged military vehicles purchased from the departing US forces. At this time, just after the end of WWII, Italy was undergoing rapid
transformation and Lamborghini was able to interpret the process with a series of ingenious ideas that emerged from an unbeatable mix of
intelligence and hunches. Industrial growth at the time was unstoppable, fuelled by breakneck and ceaseless technological development, which
was to transform Lamborghini Trattori in the space of a few years from a small family concern to a leader in its sector, gaining recognition and
acclaim all over the world. But its founder's restless nature and sheer determination continued to propel the company towards new projects. He
launched the production of fuel oil burners and conditioners and made an application to the government for authorisation to start building
helicopters. At this point, fortunately for sports car enthusiasts, authorisation for helicopter production was not forthcoming. Fortunately, because
at that time the "farmer industrialist" as he was defined by my many to stress his rough diamond character and his pride in his origins, immediately
devoted his energy to bringing another ambitious dream to life: to produce the most fascinating, beautiful, desirable and perfect motor cars in the
world. In October 1967 at the Turin motor show, the whole world realised that this "crazy visionary" hothead had managed to achieve his goal: this
was the presentation of the “Miura”, universally acclaimed as an automotive artwork and destined to revolutionise not merely aesthetic thinking but
also the entire concept of the sports GT car, an explosive blend of elegance, aggression, orginality and class that no maker has since managed to
match. Trattori Lamborghini, acquired by in 1973, is today a key part of the Same Deutz-Fahr Group, an organisation that occupies a high profile
position on the internatinal scenario and is able to compete on the global market, ensuring its products reap the nenefits of a consatnt process of
development incorporating the very latest technology and implementing the highest standards of quality and reliability.
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There have been many roomers circulating about the future of Lamborghini in Australia, so lets clear it up!
The SDF group owns Lamborghini along with many other brands and have simply decided not to market Lamborghini Tractors in Australia any
more, Lamborghini will still remain a strong force in the world market, especially Europe. SDF will instead focus on Deutz and SAME but have
strongly committed to supporting existing Lamborghini customers with on going parts and technical support into the future.
The Truth about Lamborghini in Australia!
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